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What is Power Performance?
Affective NeuroSciences’ Power Performance Training is a system designed to help you unlock the barriers that keep you from achieving your fullest potential. Through the training, you learn to acquire, rehearse, and perform your skill or talent at a heightened level, consistently over time. The Inner Act program will teach you how to manage anxiety, disregard distractions, stay focused, think clearly, and remain calm even under the most stressful conditions.
Getting Started with the Affective NeuroSciences Program

Every client that comes to Inner Act receives a program plan that is customized to his or her specific needs and goals. Our programs are flexible, ranging from intensives lasting a week or two to weekly sessions over an extended period of time.

On your first visit, Lora Lonsberry, Ph.D. will interview you to learn about your needs, concerns and goals. Prior assessments and diagnoses are considered at this time. We then use a decision tree to identify our approach. Based on the chosen protocol, we then select the appropriate Biofeedback and Neurofeedback instruments and learning methods.

The Core Modalities of Affective NeuroSciences Program:

The Relaxation Process teaches you to enter and hold at will a relaxed state of readiness.

Open Focus® teaches flexibility of attention, reinforces your ability to enter a state of readiness while inhibiting self judgment and inner dialogue.

Neurofeedback Training teaches you to regulate your thoughts, attention and energy. You learn to recognize when you are drifting, overwhelmed in thought, over analyzing and stuck and gain the ability to return yourself to a balanced state at will.

Inner Journey Work teaches you how to transform negative thinking, inner commentary and failures into success using cognitive and experiential techniques.

Mental Imagery: Every high achieving person imagines their achievements before they happen. Through Mental Imagery, you learn how to enter a relaxed state, narrow your focus, and hold the desired imagery in your mind’s eye.

One-on-One Coaching: Each person's challenges are different. Once you have the basics the program in place, we work one-on-one to optimize and solidify your long-term success. The coaching helps you remain consistent in your “presence” during performance, and to track your pre-, during- and post-performance use of the program’s tools.

High Achieving Students and Scholars

Studies have shown that mental preparation and self-confidence are important to academic performance for factors such as skill, creativity, and reduction of anxiety. The Affective NeuroSciences program will help you improve your “inner game” – the relationship between your inner state and your performance ability – and achieve better performance in academics and testing.

Some of the benefits you receive through Affective NeuroSciences’ Power Performance training include:

    1.  Significantly higher SAT and tests scores
    2.  Increased overall academic performance
    3.  The ability to learn more, learn faster and retain what is learned
    4.  Greater calmness during study and more effective study habits
    5.  Better sleep habits and sounder sleep
Gifted Children and Teens

Affective NeuroSciences’ Power Performance Training for gifted children and teens focuses on helping them to become even more comfortable and competent with their talents. At Inner Act, we have worked with many gifted children and the results are always a child with greater flexibility, more confidence, and more emotional resilience.

Gifted children and teens who take Power Performance Training gain these benefits:

    1.  Ability to move from one task to the next
    2.  Flexibility to move from complete absorption in one area to a wider focus
    3.  Improved performance in the area of expertise
    4.  Better management of emotional tone
    5.  Increased awareness of themselves and the people around them
    6.  Ability to change state from high achievement to relaxation
    7.  Ability to create verbal, visual and emotional scripts and internal movies of success
    8.  Highly intuitive children and teens are helped to establish boundaries, discrimination and better attentional control
Elite, Professional and Young Athletes

Much has been written about the "inner game" or "mental game" - the relationship between your inner state and your performance ability. Studies have shown that mental preparation and self-confidence are as important to performance as the "external" training for skill and endurance. However, where does the athlete learn this mental toughness? Experts agree the new frontier in sports performance is in training the mental aspects of the game through technology.

The Affective NeuroSciences’ Power Performance program eliminates the mental and neurological barriers to performance by improving your ability to regulate your attention, screen out distraction, and enhance your natural abilities. This approach has been shown to be highly effective in golf, soccer, tennis, basketball, and baseball, and from school athletics to professional sports.

Athletes who take the Power Performance Training achieve these results:

    1.  Improved regulation of attention and arousal
    2.  Improved ability to manage distractions
    3.  Faster ability to overcome unsuccessful competition
    4.  Reduction of internal mental chatter
    5.  More focused ability to learn and practice a skill
    6.  Better energy management during intense training and competition
    7.  More consistent routines and rituals
    8.  Better at crafting mental blueprints of skill and competition
    9.  More consistent mood management
    10.  College-bound athletes gain mastery over their sport and win athletic scholarships
Young & Professional Performers
Actors and Dancers

The Affective NeuroSciences system enables talented actors and dancers to become even more comfortable and facile with their abilities. You learn to focus on the “inner game” – the relationship between your inner state and level of performance. You will gain mental preparation skills and increased self-confidence, both of which are proven to be as important to performance as external training for skill, endurance, creativity, and decreased performance anxiety.

As an actor or dancer, you will achieve:

    1.  Improved success rate at auditions and increased number of call backs
    2.  Increased attentiveness in class, rehearsals and performance
    3.  Better responsiveness to criticism
    4.  Greater ability to make corrections and respond to directors or choreographers and casting personnel’s feedback and on-the-spot directions
    5.  A physically more relaxed and flexible state
    6.  Increased physical power and endurance
    7.  Reduced trauma to the body
    8.  Quick recovery from errors
    9.  The ability to maintain attention and focus during non-performing intervals
    10.  The capacity to remain fully present throughout the performance
    11.  The ability to attend to the music, colleagues and their own performance without losing emotional connection to the piece
Visual Artists and Writers
Through the Affective NeuroSciences program, artists and writers gain the freedom to allow the creative process to flow. The program will help you overcome creative blocks, negative self-talk, anxiety and tension. As a result, you will acquire greater mastery of technique, creative expression and self-confidence.
Artists and Writers gain these benefits:
1.  An aptitude for creating and holding the desired imagery or story in your mind’s eye
2.  The capacity to maintain attention and focus for extended periods of time
3.  An aptitude for quieting the internal critic and being fully present in the moment
4.  The ability to focus on technical execution without losing artistic vision
5.  A more consistent, balanced flow of the creative process
6.  Reduced anxiety and stress
Business Professionals

The "game" of business is very similar to professional athletics in terms of the level of preparation required, the level of stress experienced, and the importance of mastering your mental state. As with professional athletics, resilience and adaptability are critical to the "business athlete".

Studies show that mental preparation and self-confidence are as important to performance as your level of skill and training. In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz found that business people can use modulated stress to grow progressively stronger and more resilient. In other words, when you learn to self-regulate your mind and relax at the appropriate times, you can use your stress to your advantage.

In addition, many business people find that the training allows them to maintain a clear, focused state which enhances their ability to perceive and act on ideas. The program also dramatically improves communication, presentation, negotiation, and strategic thinking skills.

The Affective NeuroSciences approach provides business people with these benefits:

    1.  Heightened focus and attention
    2.  Reduced anxiety and the ability to “keep cool”
    3.  Improved skills acquisition and retention
    4.  Increased analytical and creative thinking skills
    5.  Strengthened communication skills
    6.  Improved Memory

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