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OCD  -  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder



With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), a person can’t stop repeating specific behaviors or stop his or her brain from repeating particular thoughts.

A substantial body of research shows that problems with OCD are related to the functioning of areas in the front of the brain. If that part of the brain is working too slowly or quickly, a person is unable to stop repeating certain thoughts or behaviors.

In some cases, medications improve the issues. However, many times the OCD does not improve, or improve significantly, with medication. In addition, people taking OCD medications can suffer unwanted side effects.

How can OCD be treated without medication?

With OCD, the logical goal should be to adjust the part of the brain that is “stuck” to end the continuous repetition of certain thoughts or behaviors. Through neurofeedback training, that is technologically possible.

Many therapists and other health professionals using neurofeedback to treat OCD note marked reductions in OCD symptoms in their clients after neurofeedback training. People with OCD relate that, after neurofeedback training, they do not really need to make an effort to stop unwanted repetitive thoughts and behaviors. They say that they their minds are much quieter. With neurofeedback training, the brain learns to respond to situations in a more conventional and healthy manner.


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