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  Link     Using your Head. About Dr. Lora Lonsberry
  Link   Blake Blake, this is the kid who juggled Fs, Ds, and a few better grades is now dealing with school much better!
  Link   Judi My entire life I suffered from a form of depression called Disthymia.  I am so happy I tried Neurofeedback despite my skepticism and look forward to a depression-free future.
  Link   Anonymous    As time goes by I find it harder to remember the horror that lies behind me. As all kinds of therapy and medication failed me, I was offered neurofeedback as a last resort. And as treatment progressed, unimaginable changes started to take place in me.  Good changes!
  Link   Kaky    I began to experience episodes of nightmares and insomnia.  She (Dr. Lonsberry) was/is very beautiful, nice,, professional, and compassionate about her work and I was very ready to take away my emotional terrorism and ready to get started.
  Link   BBH   Release From The Prison of Fear - I cannot begin to describe how seeing Dr. Lora Lonsberry has changed my life! I can only now begin to appreciate what she has done and is doing for me.
  Link   D    Teen formerly diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. - got D’s report card Wednesday: one A+, 3 As, one B+, one B. Algebra was an A, as was Science. Remember, last year, we prayed for a D in Algebra so he wouldn't have to repeat the course.
  Link   LE    My experience with Neurofeedback has been nothing short of miraculous. For most of my life I have lived with depression and anxiety. I have tried changing my diet, exercising, counseling, medication – everything, but had little luck.
  Link   MQ    Trading Bad Habits for the Possible Self - Neurofeedback really changed me. By training my brain, I was able to overcome my bad habits and problems that I had. Before I did neurofeedback, I had many compulsive behaviors and lacked on motivation. Now I am a completely different person.
  Link   MQ    Dr. Lonsberry has helped me in more ways than I can count, but one specific affliction worth mentioning (for its lack of a known cure!) is for Chronic Blushing. Through learning how to regulate my brain activity, I have overcome my personal problem of chronic blushing.

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