First, I just want you to know how important our connection is to me.

In these strange times of social distancing, I want to be available - even if at a distance.

Please feel free to text me at the office number (752 6634) any time you have something to share or if you would like to set up an appointment to spend phone time (Skype and Zoom are also possibilities to be discussed).


We’ll need to suspend brain training; probably until sometime in April or May.  However, I am happy to be available for 15-minute phone check-ins.  Just text or leave a voice message about when you would like to connect.  I will respond in whichever form of communication you prefer.


We’re all in this together.  Let me know how I can help.

My best,


Lora Lonsberry PhD –

Neuro and Psycho Therapist

(406) 752-6634

Dr. Lonsberry offers multi-disciplinary psychotherapy and neurotherapy services to provide traditional and innovative intervention options for individuals with neurologically based difficulties in their lives.  She works with adults and children who have problems with attention, anxiety, mood, social relatedness, learning and behavior as well as pain and trauma issues.

Areas covered include:

Neurofeedback Training

Biofeedback Training

Brain Training


Located in Kalispell, MT, Lora Lonsberry Ph.D. offers non-pharmaceutical options for the treatment of brain based problems in living including PTSD, depression, anxiety, attention issues and developmental trauma disorders.  Many clients have also experienced solutions for pain management, migraines and addictive habits as well as other health behavioral issues.

She provides counseling and neurofeedback training - a form of biofeedback that focuses on brainwaves.  This is accomplished via a computer assisted training technique that modifies brain behavior and plasticity through a monitored, focused feedback training process helping them heal from the inside out - treating the source, rather than the symptoms of brain dysregulation.

Neurotherapy reinforces self-regulating brain patterns that contribute to life choices connected to health and happiness.  Athletes have found it a positive contributor to peak performance and thus neurofeedback has found its place in sports medicine.

Her mission is to help individuals and groups live more creative, meaningful and conscious lives. She achieves this mission by integrating heart, mind, body and soul in the healing process and by cultivating each person's individual journey toward wholeness.  Neurofeedback can be used to address the spectrum from brain dysregulation to mystic states.  It addresses a spectrum of brain dysregulation disorders and can be used for applied neurotherapy, designing and implementing treatment protocols for children and adults with attention disorders and autism spectrum disorders, as well as depression, trauma, anxiety, sleep disturbances, addictive disorders, pain control, head injuries and loss of function associated with disease and normal aging.  Neurofeedback can be used as a tool, not only to treat dysregulation, but also to attain optimal mental agility, enhanced athletic and musical performance and personally meaningful transformational experiences.

Dr. Lonsberry is a strong believer in life-long learning and inner-life development.  Her mission is to enable her clients to find the strength and dignity to create autonomy in their health and their lives.  To leave behind outdated beliefs and repeating patterns which hinder the flow of living more healthfully in the here and now.


  • Lora Lonsberry Ph. D.